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Giant Connect 4

Everyone loves this childhood favorite in giant lawn game form!  We currently have 3 models of Giant Connect 4:


 Model 1:  The tallest of the games has a pull-out bar and the stained disks fall into the catch box below. If used inside, this game can be moved freely, but outdoors it must be secured by our team in order make sure it isn't blown over. This is an attractive lawn game, but the falling disks are very loud.  


Model 2:  Almost as tall, but wider and with a release closer to the ground, this game has a nifty slider bar that releases the disks (wood stain and painted white).  It cannot be moved after set-up, as it is assembled in place. Since the disks don't fall as far, this game is quieter than the first model. 

Junior Connect 4:  This giant game is slightly less giant than the first two, but has some convenient features.  It has padding to mute the sound of disks as they fall to the bottom of the row, and as the disks are light plastic, they are not overly loud when released.  The game is also small enough and light enough to move around easily. 


For children's parties, we also offer a brightly colored plastic version at Kidsmart Carnivals.


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