So how does it work?

You pay a fee to rent items for the day (morning to evening).  After you tell us what you want to reserve, we will send you an e-sign rental agreement which you can fill out online.  We then send an invoice and you pay a 50% deposit to hold your rentals.  On your event day, we bring what you rented, set it up, and then come back and pick it up later.  

Is there a minimum order?

Yes.  Minimum orders are as follows:

Fairfax City/Burke/Fairfax Station:  Minimum $200  

Other Northern Virginia areas:  Minimum $250 

Outside Northern Virginia:  Minimum $250+ depending on distance 

Do you offer packages?

Please visit out Specials page for current offers.


If you don't see something you like there, please contact us with the date, time, location of your event, and which games you are interested in, and we will send you a quote for a customized package.

Are there other fees?


Orders will be assessed a delivery/set-up fee depending on distance and difficulty, beginning at $40 for parts of Burke and Fairfax Station.

Other fees are:

Up to 20 miles:  $60

Up to 30 miles:  $90

Up to 40 miles:  $120

Up to 50 miles:  $150

Up to 60 miles:  $180

Up to 70 miles:  $210

Occasionally other fees may apply for:

Pick-up after 10:00 pm or after dark if the games are not in a well-lit area

Set-up area not easily accessible by vehicle or involving stairs or difficult terrain (difficult terrain - any steps, hills, paths through woods

Less than 1 hour available for set-up time or break-down time

Custom design or color requests

I can buy the games for that!

Our games are generally not the same games that you might see on a large retail site. Most of our games were hand-crafted by American artisans, and finished by us. They are usually larger, of much higher quality, and wood (versus plastic).  Some have been custom-built or custom-painted just for us. We also take pride in styling our games with unique accessories just for your event.  And best of all, we bring everything, set it all up, and cart it all away afterward, so you don't have to worry about a thing on your big day!  

Do you allow pick-up?

We do not offer pick-up at this time.

Do you allow overnight rentals?

Overnight rentals are not permitted on weekends unless the client reserves the game for two days.  Also, the following conditions apply:

  • the games are being used indoors, in a secure location

  • the games will not need to be moved or transported during that time (i.e. client planning to bring games inside at night or take them home)  

Under no circumstances will games be left outside overnight.  

Can your games be used indoors?

Most of our games can be used indoors.  Please let us know if you plan to use them this way so that we can provide appropriate equipment for indoor use.  Some games may damage certain flooring.  Obviously, Badminton and Croquet cannot be used indoors.  Please check with your venue to ensure that equipment is permitted.

What is your rain policy?

We live in a wet part of the country.  Rain happens - a lot.  If you are having an outdoor wedding, you have probably made preparations for that possibility.  Most of our clients have a good rain plan in place that includes the games.  After all, there is no reason why your guests can't have just as much fun if it rains! We suggest either making room for them under a tent, if you have tents, or putting them inside.  We will be happy to help you figure out where they will work best.  But please understand that we cannot leave our games exposed in the rain or if there is a greater than 50% chance of rain at any point during or within 2 hours of your event.

What if it rains unexpectedly?  

We will leave a rain kit for unexpected showers and thunderstorms.  It contains enough plastic tarps to cover all of the games, and ask that you use it in the event that it begins to rain.  

What is your refund policy?

When you reserve your games, you pay a 50% deposit.  That deposit holds your games for you and is refundable for cancellation for any reason up until 3 weeks before your event, minus a processing fee.  If you don't have a rain plan and decide to cancel due to weather, as long as you notify us by 9:00am the day before the event, you will not be billed for the balance.  

What do my games come with?

Our games come with everything you need to play the game, as well as selected accessories (unless otherwise specificied, as in the small games package).  Examples of game set-ups can be seen on the GAMES page, but these are only examples and your set-up may look different.  Set-ups vary slightly from event to event.  We select them based on your venue, the combination of games you have reserved, and our current inventory.  If you want to select specific accessories or colors this is considered custom work and additional fees apply, but if you have a preference for something you see on our site, please let us know and we will accommodate as much as possible.  

Are you LGBTQ friendly?

Absolutely.  We are friendly people.