Rain Plans

A rain plan is important if you want to make sure you don't have stress and disappointment on your special day.  And hopes and prayers are not a rain plan!  Our games cannot safely get wet, and we won't set them up in the open on rainy days, so please plan adequately beforehand.  What is a good rain plan?

1.  A Dedicated Tent:  Please remember that if you have ordered a tent to fit the number of guests and tables, then there will be little room left over for games.  Remember that other vendors, such as the DJ and caterer, will also need to use that space.  If you want to ensure you can actually play the games, get a separate tent (20x20, 10x20, 15x20 or larger should work) and set it up just outside your reception tent.  You could also order a larger tent than you need for the reception.  Make sure your wedding planner or coordinator knows that you have planned to reserve space for games!  Otherwise that space will be quickly allocated for other uses or increased table spacing. A big perk of a dedicated game tent is that you can light it up with string lights after dark and keep playing into the night!  And if it's a sunny day, your guests will appreciate the shade.

2.  Inside:  If you have inside space available, make sure, as with a tent, that there is adequate space for games.  You can spread them out to different locations inside, or make a dedicated area for them.  We will not put games upstairs in a loft, although we will make an exception for a single, fairly lightweight game (no cornhole boards or Kerplunk).

3.  On a covered patio or porch:  This is a good solution as long as there is space.  Please check with your coordinator to make sure.  If the porch is crowded with people and there is no inside space for them to go into, you will probably not have room for any games.  Don't underestimate how much space will be taken up by the cocktail bar and tables.  

4.  Swap large games for smaller games, and leave games unassembled.  This means that we will compress your games into the smallest possible form and keep them mobile so that you can fit them almost anywhere, even in a crowded tent.  Your guests can take them out later and play if they want. Not all games can be left this way, but the following can:  Battle Toss, Pass the Chip, Yardzee, Horseshoes, Croquet, Jenga.  Keep in mind that people may not use the games if the tent is crowded, there are already structured activities planned, or the tables are already full with centerpieces and other decor.  If you really want a game time, carve out unstructured time for it after dinner and have the tables mostly or completely cleared of large decor.

What is definitely not a good rain plan:  We cannot set up large games in the open and then put plastic over them.  Why not?  Because if it rains on and off the plastic will be pulled off and is unlikely to be replaced when it starts to rain again.  It also looks ugly, and isn't very effective in heavy rain.  We also cannot put out games and hope that someone with the wedding party will move them or cover them up if it rains.  It takes about an hour to set up games (they can't be moved quickly) and dismantling them and moving them could damage some.  Second, no one at your wedding (especially you!) has time to stand around ready to move or cover up games when it starts to rain.  You have better things to do!  

Check out the gallery of solutions below: