Current Specials

5 Game Package

$295 + delivery

(Excludes wine barrels)

8 Game Package

$475 + delivery

(Excludes wine barrels)

Small Games Package

$150 + local delivery

4 games: A smaller version of our Connect 4 (see it on our Connect 4 page), one Jenga, one set Cornhole, and Croquet.  Includes stand for Jenga and everything you need to play, but no additional accessories.  Does not include set-up; not available to all locations.  Designed for clients who wish to transport and set up the games themselves.

Delivery fees depend on mileage from our location in Fairfax and start at $25 for the Burke/Fairfax Station area:

Up to 9 miles: $25

Up to 20 miles: $50

Up to 30 miles: $75

Up to 40 miles: $100

Up to 50 miles: $125

Up to 60 miles: $150

Up to 70 miles: $175

Check the FAQ for delivery fees to some popular venues.